Ta-Ta to My Tatas: Woman Throws Goodbye Party for Her Breasts

Andy Sealy was shocked to learn she had breast cancer when she was only 37 years old. But it didn’t take her long to decide what she had to do about it. She quickly made the choice to have a double mastectomy—and also throw a party.

The “Ta-Ta to My Tatas” party celebrated not only Andy’s breasts but also her life, and it doubled as a breast cancer awareness event.

At the party, Andy encouraged her friends and family to get screened and perform regular self-checks to search for breast cancer. She even let her friends feel the lump in her breast in the hopes that they might have a good idea of what to look for.

The event was complete with a breast-shaped cake and a large banner to boldly tell breast cancer it had picked on the wrong person.

Andy is determined to keep her sense of humor and positive attitude despite the obstacles, and she’s encouraging others to do the same.

We’re so happy this woman decided to do something so fantastic with this tough situation!

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