Tattoo Artist Provides Free Services to Breast Cancer Survivors

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After battling breast cancer, many women are left to redefine their beauty. Scars from mastectomies and reconstruction change the way women’s breasts look. For example, some women lose a nipple in the surgery process. Doctors can fold skin to create an artificial one, but such procedures don’t create the color and texture of an actual nipple. This conundrum has created a new industry for tattoo artists who now use their abilities to return what many breast cancer survivors have lost: the look of a natural breast.

According to San Antonio CBS affiliate KENS, Rooster is a tattoo artist who lives in San Antonio. His aunt went through breast cancer and her struggle inspired him to give back to other women. The artist, who specializes in portraits, now offers breast cancer survivors free nipple tattoos. 

“He did it. It matched the colors,” Bonnie Price, breast cancer survivor and one of Rooster’s clients, told the source. “To put it nicely, the girls match. It looks wonderful.”

Price was 29 years old when she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Her daughter was only 4 years old at the time, and Price was raising her on her own. She wanted to ensure she’d be around for her daughter, so she opted to have a mastectomy. Price is now a 13-year survivor with natural-looking nipples. 

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