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60-Yr-Old Teacher Absolutely Kills Hip-Hop Dance Performance


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This isn’t your grandma’s retirement party. It’s not even your grandma’s dance party. This is 63-year-old high school dance teacher Shirley Clements’s retirement party—and she can seriously get down!

Shirley had been a teacher for 25 years, and she loved it, but at 60 she was ready to move on. But no cake-and-coffee retirement party for her. She wanted to jump, slide, and spin her way out.

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To celebrate her time teaching, she joined her students for a show-stopping hip-hop routine. The routine was part of an annual dance competition that Shirley had launched 19 years early. Shirley in no way danced an easier, senior citizen version of the routine—her students had to work to keep up!

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The internet loves a good video of an older person dancing, but Shirley doesn’t fit into the “adorable” or “precious” categories. Her style is decidedly more sizzling. You can hear the screaming of the students as soon as Shirley hits the first beat of “Uptown Funk.”

The crowd loses it. She impresses at the beginning, even more so at the one-minute mark, but at the end she makes jaws drop! This lady nails the headstand spin! What a legend! She totally redefines “aging gracefully.” Most people won’t ever be able to drop these moves!

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