Teacher Reads To Students One Day After Having Brain Surgery

Teaching is a very important job. Essentially, it’s being responsible for molding the future minds. Teachers can really make a difference in the lives of their students, many times without knowing it. I’ve been lucky throughout my life to have some very wonderful teachers during the course of my school years.

But when it comes to a teacher’s dedication as a mentor, no one quite beats the level of K.D. Meucci. She is a 4th-grade teacher at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania.

Several years ago, she founded the Facebook group called “Franklin Bedtime Stories.” Each Thursday, the teacher will read a story on Facebook Live to her students.

Photo: Carol Vanhook

However, she recently had to have brain surgery to remove a tumor. One would think that it would leave the teacher out of commission, but it didn’t. Instead, just one day after her surgery, she was logging into Facebook Live in order to read to her students.

To everyone’s surprise and delight, Meucci – who had her surgery on a Wednesday – was going live from her intensive care unit hospital room that very next Thursday night. She wasn’t about to let her routine be interrupted by brain surgery.

Photo: YouTube/WTAE-TV Pittsburgh

Logging on, she explained to her students what she went through, saying, “I’m sorry if I look a little weird. I know I look a little weird. I got this black eye going right here because, again, they cut open my head right here to take out my brain tumor.”

She further assured them that once she is better, she will be going back to teaching, saying, “You are my friends. You are an important part of our school community. You are an important part of our world. You are loved. I wanted to see you, to see that I’m OK. I look a little funky, but I wanted you to see and know that I’m OK.”

Photo: YouTube/WTAE-TV Pittsburgh

Then, she went on to read to her students the book, “Mr. Walker Steps Out.” What a trooper!

Watch the video below:

What so you think of Meucci’s dedication to her class? Let us know!

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