Teacher Fighting Cancer Gets a Soul-Stirring Surprise From Her Students

Sometimes you need some encouragement, and when you’re a choir teacher, the best encouragement is usually a song.

At least that’s what Gabrielyn Watson’s students thought when they learned that their choir teacher had taken time off to fight multiple mylenoma, a cancer of the plasma cells.

After completing treatment, Ms. Watson returned to her Chicago school for what she thought would be teacher interviews, but her students had something else in mind.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition
Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Peter Frank, a finalist from season 10 of American Idol, had put together a surprise for their beloved Ms. Watson. He and other past students hid in the hall and then came out one by one to surprise Ms. Watson as she entered the school. They were singing “Amazing Grace,” and as each new student joined in, their voices grew louder and stronger.

Ms. Watson burst into tears of joy. It’s easy to see how much seeing her students meant to her, and she clearly meant the world to them. Listen to Peter’s heartfelt message as the students gather around to shower Ms. Watson with love.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition
Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

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The resulting video was part of Kleenex’s “Someone Needs One” program, which was designed to encourage people to find ways to care about others. Ms. Watson’s students knew she could use some encouragement after her treatment, but they wanted to thank her for all the encouragement she had given to them through the years.

“I never thought I’d see them all together like that. It’s just great to feel loved and that what you do matters,” Ms. Watson said.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition
Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Thank you to Ms. Watson, and to all to amazing teachers out there making a difference in our lives!

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