The Calm Before the Storm…So They Say

We had just arrived at Yosemite for a short family adventure. We drove through the snow, which my son had never seen before. It was so beautiful. But during our trip, our son wasn’t acting quite right.

My husband, a Type I diabetic, suggested we test our son’s blood sugar, and to our amazement, his blood glucose was over 500! We learned that day that our seven-year-old had Type I diabetes just like my husband. We thought that was a lot to handle, but it was only the beginning. Eight days later I went to my scheduled breast exam, and four days after that I was diagnosed with DCIS, stage zero breast cancer. How could all this be happening? Wasn’t it enough that my son had to endure diabetes, without having to hear that his mom had breast cancer?

On Dec 13th, 2011, I opted to have a double mastectomy to give myself the best chances. So in three weeks time I had heard “your son has diabetes,” “you have breast cancer,” and “you are having a double mastectomy.” I instantly had a HUGE amount of friends and family surrounding me to support me and offer any help that I might need. I felt so loved! After surgery I learned that the cancer wasn’t in my lymph nodes, it was non-invasive, and that I would not need any further treatment. I am one of the lucky ones. Currently I’m going through the process of reconstruction and getting myself put back together. I’ve been given many gifts: my life, my family, the sunshine…all the big and little things. I am a lucky woman.

Murrieta, CA

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