When She Was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer, This Is The First Thing She Did

Receiving a breast cancer diagnosis is a life-changing event, and everyone goes about wrapping their heads around their diagnosis and taking the first steps toward treatment in a different way.

What did you do when you were first diagnosed? We bet it wasn’t this.

Breast Cancer Answers co-founder Wendy Hartley was diagnosed in June of 2013. She says the first thing she did after she visited the doctor to receive the diagnosis was to take the day off work and go home and watch a documentary called Crazy Sexy Cancer.

Photo: Adobe Stock/Minerva Studio
Photo: Adobe Stock/Minerva Studio

It may sound like an odd idea to go home and watch a documentary after finding out you have cancer, but Hartley says she learned a great deal from the film and that it helped her change her lifestyle and get the help she needed to get better.

Sometimes inspiration and hope come from the strangest of places. Where will you find it?

In the video below, Hartley shares that interesting tidbit as well as everything else she and her husband Todd did after hearing the news, including things like changing her diet, interviewing surgeons, seeking solace with friends and family while navigating the complicated maze of important treatment decisions.

Check out the video below to learn more about Hartley’s first steps after diagnosis and perhaps find another way you can help yourself or a loved one get through breast cancer.

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