The Mystery Lump that Tried to Get Me!

In May 2011 I was taking a shower and I noticed a lump under my right armpit. I went to the doctor, who examined me and said it was probably a cyst or boil. She gave me a prescription for antibiotics and I left. I took the pills for a week but the lump was still there, so I went back and demanded to see another doctor. Thanks God I did! I had stage 3 breast cancer! The lump in my breast was so tiny that the mammogram missed it. They kept digging and found it with a handheld ultrasound. It had spread to 29 of my lymph nodes. So we have to be very aware of our bodies!

Thank God for the great doctors at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital. I am still here and alive after going through a lumpectomy, eight rounds of chemotherapy and 33 rounds of radiation. GOD IS AWESOME AND I AM SO VERY THANKFUL! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and make your doctor listen to you. In my case they also told me that I have dense breast tissue so it’s hard to see a lump. If this is true for you, ask for an ultrasound or PET scan to pick up any abnormalities. I was also tested for the BRCA gene; it came back negative. I have changed my eating habits, switched to natural deodorant, and I have even switched to organic wine for special occasions. Whatever works to lower the chances of cancer for good! I am working on an exercise regimen as well.

Thank you for reading my story best wishes and blessings to all!

Michele R McCier
Ferndale, MI

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