“The Scar Project” Shows The Beauty Of Survivors With Their Scars

Do you know a brave fighter with scars? These scars are proof of bravery, courage, loss, and love. Unfortunately, many cancer survivors and survivors of other injuries try to hide their scars, believing that they are unsightly or are ashamed of them being seen.

Some people, thankfully, are able to look past that stigma and see the beauty of each individual regardless of any scars. One of those people is photographer David Jay, who is not only breaking the stigma of letting scars be seen, but showing the actual beauty of those scars and strong survivors who have them.

David Jay’s “Scar Project” captures the stories behind the scars of many young breast cancer survivors. David switched his focus from capturing high fashion couture to creating portraits of young women with breast cancer.

These photos are incredible — almost as incredible as the cancer survivors themselves — and are an inspiration to so many others.

Watch the video below to learn more about “The Scar Project” now!

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