The Way This Retired Nurse Spends Her Pension Will Wow You

Charolette Tidwell wanted to do something a little different with her retirement pension. After working for over 40 years as a nurse, Tidwell retired and started collecting on her pension.

Rather than spend the money on herself, she’s elected to give it away to the social services agency she founded in 2000, the Antioch Consolidated Association for Youth and Family.

Today, the food bank at Antioch feeds 7,000 people a month, providing an important service to the people of Fort Smith, Arkansas. According to a report published in September 2014 by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Arkansas has the highest rate of food-insecurity in the nation at 21.2 percent.

“I don’t worry about the money,” she told NBC’s Nightly News. “I give it away.”

Charolette, for your amazing selflessness and dedication to serving the food insecure of your community, we here at the Hunger Site salute you!

Ready to do your part to ensure everyone in the country has access to the food they need? Make hunger a thing of the past by urging President Obama and UN Ambassador Samantha Power to draft legislation or approve international treaties that ensure the Right to Food in the United States.

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