After This Little Boy Learned What Cancer Was, He Decided To Grow Out His Hair To Help Other Kids

Just before he turned 8, Thomas Moore saw his mom watching a video on Facebook about a child with cancer.

“I asked, ‘Why is that boy bald?'” Thomas says in the video below, recalling the conversation with his mom. “And she said, ‘That’s not a boy. That’s a girl, and she has cancer.’ So I said, ‘What’s cancer?'” After his mom explained, Thomas decided to grow out his hair to donate it to the little girl, named Kyssi.

Little did he know that he would eventually become an internet sensation for his act of kindness.

Thomas, now 10, has spent the last two years growing out his hair. He went through occasional periods of doubt and frustration, and rightfully so — most adults lack the patience and dedication that Thomas has. He even reluctantly agreed to get his hair cornrowed to keep it tame, a process which he found painful.

Finally, with his mom and siblings by his side, he cut off the hair that he’d spent years growing. Sadly, Kyssi passed away in 2015 so Thomas could no longer donate the hair directly to her. So instead, he donated it to the Kyssi Andrews Foundation for Pediatric Cancer, a non-profit that had been set up in Kyssi’s honor.

When his aunt tweeted the picture of her proud nephew below, she never expected the attention it would receive!

When all was said and done, he was able to donate enough hair for three wigs! Now that’s a serious amount of hair. “I feel like I can move my head faster now,” Thomas says, shaking his head slightly.

Watch the video to learn more about this incredible 10-year-old, and be sure to watch till the end to learn what his future plans hold!

(Curious about donating? To learn more about the process of donating your hair, check out our post here.)

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