Tips for Finding the Right Wig

One of the most visible signs that someone is receiving breast cancer treatment is hair loss. Some women find their hair is thinning and comes out in clumps while others choose to beat the side effect to the punch and shave their entire head. Whether you're losing hair now or wondering if you will soon, try these tips for finding the wig that is right for you:

Are you looking to buy a wig that reflects what your natural hair was like before starting treatment? Some women are most comfortable with a wig that looks as if they weren't undergoing treatment at all. Others choose to go for a wig that is unconventional and nowhere near what they normally look like by going super short or picking one with a fun color, like red or purple. If you want to change up your appearance, consider trying two wigs, one close to your natural hair and one that is out of the ordinary. This way, you can choose which style you want for the day.

Wigs come in several sizes. An average head has a circumference of 22 inches. Use a flexible tape measure (like one for sewing) to measure the crown of your head where the wig cap will sit. Start at the middle of your forehead where your hairline begins and measure around the tops of your ears in a full circle. This number will determine if you need a petite, average or large size wig. Many options have around a half an inch of adjustability in the form of straps. If you are unsure if you are measuring correctly, have someone help you, or let someone at the store you are purchasing the wig from give it a try. A wig that doesn't fit will not say on properly or look and feel natural, so be sure to get sized properly.

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