3 Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep in the Hospital

As a cancer patient, you will spend a lot of time in the hospital. Treatment often makes people exhausted, and it can be hard to catch some shut eye in an unfamiliar place. Some people don’t even try to get sleep in hospitals, but it’s so important for health and healing. Get a bit rest while receiving chemo or staying at the hospital with these useful tips:

Bring an eye mask
Unless you are in a private room, you will not be able to turn the lights off whenever you feel the need for a little rest. But light can seriously affect your ability to sleep, and in some cases it may even affect the way your treatment works. Bring darkness with you everywhere you go by carrying a sleep mask. These inexpensive items can turn a busy, chaotic hospital scene into a blank space in which you can rest. Earplugs certainly wouldn’t hurt either.

Photo: Adobe Stock/iceteastock
Photo: Adobe Stock/iceteastock

Try calming sounds
Hospitals are noisy. There are bustling nurses and busy doctors and often loud family members too. Not to mention the person in the bed next door if you don’t have a private room. Don’t let all that get to you. Download soothing sounds like falling rain or a trickling stream to your phone or tablet. When you want to sleep, just pop in your ear buds, and the world will drop away.

Talk with your nurse
Your nurse may be able to quiet down especially loud people nearby or shut off that incessant beeping sound from down the hall (or right next to your bed). Nurses can’t always adjust everything to your liking, but it doesn’t hurt to ask!

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