Tips for Taking a Seriously Relaxing Bath

A nice hot bath can do wonders for a worried mind and aching body, especially when you are undergoing breast cancer treatment. Simply plopping into the tub won't necessarily help you to de-stress and unwind. It helps to take steps to set the mood and promote some healthy you-time. Try these tips to reap the full benefits that a bath can offer:

Create a relaxing atmosphere
The bathroom can be a weird place to spend a lot of time. It's where you wash your kids, brush your teeth and scrub behind the toilet. Remove yourself from the reality of your bathroom and make it feel more like you are at a spa. To do this, try adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the bath water as it is running. Lavender or mint can be rejuvenating and help you to de-stress. Turn off the harsh overhead light and use candles instead. Play some music that is relaxing and melodic. All these elements will make you feel like you're at a lush spa instead of in your own home.

Stay put
Life is chaotic, especially when you've been diagnosed with cancer. You probably had a busy day before hopping in the tub, and chances are you have plans for afterwards as well. Instead of rushing through your bath routine, take this time to spend 20 minutes with yourself. Breathe deeply and relish in this quiet little pocket of time that is devoted to you. You will find your body and mind are much more open and flexible if you enjoy this sacred space instead of treating it like another thing on your to-do list.

Ignore your phone
What's more distracting than a constantly buzzing phone? Text messages, email and even notifications from "Candy Crush" can really put a damper on your spa vibe. Leave your phone on silent in a different room to avoid using it while you are in the bath. 

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