Tips to Help Your Friend with Cancer

When someone has cancer, they don't always want friends to come over and talk about their disease. They might actually need the opposite: a distraction. Along with that, they may want some help with day-to-day tasks they no longer have the energy to do themselves. Here are a few things to consider doing for your friend who has cancer:

Keep her kids busy
Breast cancer isn't just hard on the person who has been diagnosed with the disease. Every member of the family feels the effects. Your friend is probably in need of some rest. If you can, ask to take her kids out of the house for a while. That may mean leashing the family dog and going for a long walk together or heading to a nearby skate​ park or video game arcade. Your pal will be thankful that her children are out having fun so she can get some rest. She may even take care of housework that has been neglected if she is feeling up to it. 

Become a caretaker
If your friend has a spouse to help, that is wonderful, but they need a break sometimes too. Help your pal and her significant other by checking in on her and stopping by with pre-made food for the family. Label her pill bottles in easily readable marker so she doesn't accidentally grab the wrong one. Encourage her throughout her cancer journey with little gifts and moments when you let her know you are thinking about her. She will feel loved.

Entertain her
Once someone is diagnosed with cancer, they will spend many hours in the coming weeks and months in the hospital or clinic to get treatment and talk with doctors. These can be very boring times. Help keep your friend's mind occupied by sending her funny jokes, cute animal videos and book suggestions. Lend her your magazine subscriptions and videos, and even get her into your favorite show if she hasn't already seen it. Distractions can make the time go by faster and help your friend keep her mind off of the potentially worrisome reality that is all around her. 

Provide Mammograms

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