Toddler Donates Hair to Kids in Need

When 3-year-old Ariana saw a little girl without hair she asked her parents why. When they explained the girl was losing her hair because of a medicine, Ariana offered to give the girl some of hers.

The toddler's dad plays video games for a charity called Extra Life that donates money to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Ariana was sitting in his lap when a video on the organization's website played, showing a young girl who was bald and in the hospital for cancer treatments. 

On Nov. 21, 2014, Ariana had her first ever hair cut in her hometown of Winterport, Maine. The no-longer-needed hair was donated to Locks of Love where it will be made into wigs for children who have lost their hair due to illness and medical treatment.

Ariana's dad told the Huffington Post that the toddler is a very giving person. She is even helpful when she is playing, as she gives her parents doctor checkups with her pretend medical kit. 

On November 29, Ariana's parents posted a picture series on Imgur of the girl and her hairdresser on each step of the journey from a Rapunzel-like beginning to her new short bob. Since posting the phtos, the Imgur images have garnered over 664,200 views.

Before seeing the video, Ariana had no interest in getting her long blonde hair cut. She even fought against it for several months. Her mother told the Huffington Post that after Ariana donated her precious hair, she is happy with her new look and is glad that it's no longer getting in the way of her eating breakfast.

Locks of Love accepts hair that is a minimum of 10 inches long. It can be colored, grey and any texture (curly to straight and everything in between) so long as it has not been bleached and is in braids or ponytails. 

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