A Toddler’s First Word Was “Dog,” and the Internet Gushes Over the Adorable Video

Since birth, parents have a lot of anticipation for their child’s development. Parents record almost everything — their first crawl, walk, toy, food, teeth, and most especially, their first word. Nowadays, it’s easier to record and save all those memories. You can simply open your phone camera, take a photo or a video, then upload it online. Keeping memories is just a lovely way to reminisce about the past and have a conversation with the family.

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Creating a social media account is one of the fastest ways to compile memories. Instagram is the most used social media site to share photos and videos. A lot of families are creating a joint account and sharing their daily lives. Some of them become famous because of entertaining or endearing content. Viral videos of babies are shared from one person to another to spread happiness. One of those babies is Violet — she is a member of the Seely family, who are quite famous on Instagram. Her mother, Ashley, was excited to share Violet’s first word. It was more exciting than “mommy” or “daddy” — Violet’s first word was “dog.”

The Instagram reel was uploaded on “thedashleys” account and has now garnered 9.4 million views. Violet has won the hearts of many by saying the word “dog” most adorably. In the video, Ashley narrated how Violet said “dog” out of the blue. She was freaked out and exhilarated, and she had to share it with her husband. Dallin recorded a video of Ashley’s narration. She asked Violet, “Do you want to feed the dogs?” then Violet repeated the word dog. Dallin, the father, was also shocked — their priceless reactions were evident in the video. Violet is one bright child.

Many people were also amazed in the comment section, and they just couldn’t get enough of Violet. Some people even shared their experiences from hearing their child’s first word. It really is fun to wait for the first word or phrase a baby will say in their entire life. Violet’s first word might have been influenced by their family being dog lovers. Their family consists of her parents, an older brother, a sister, baby Violet, and their two dogs. They have Luna and Dash, who are both mini Australian shepherds. You can also get to know these dogs on their Instagram page with the handle lunaanddash.

Ashley and her family are continuously sharing content that brightens up people’s Instagram timelines. All of their kids are loveable, and once you follow their page, you’ll like all their posts and watch all their reels. Ashley and Dallin have a website that you might also want to check out. Follow them on their other socials such as Facebook and Youtube. Have your daily dose of cute and cuddly content from their family.

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