Man Rescues a Toddler from Falling from The 8th Floor of a Building in Kazakhstan

A three-year-old girl was found stuck in a window of a building in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. The toddler was home alone as her mother went out to shop for groceries — using cushions and toys, she was able to climb out of the window. It was a heart-stopping moment as the kid held on for dear life with just her fingers clinging to the window.

Photo: Twitter/akakakakakjy

According to The Independent, the height from the eighth floor to the ground was about 100 feet. The scene was caught on camera as a crowd of people gathered near the building. While the commotion was happening, a 37-year-old man named Shontakbaev Sabit was on his way to work when the scene caught his attention. He was instantly alarmed and immediately took action — taking the initiative to rescue the young girl.

Sabit went below the eighth floor, where the girl desperately clung to the window. He went out of the window and reached for the little girl above him. The rescuer pulled the child’s leg to shorten the gap between them. Sabit urged the kid to slowly let go, and after a few attempts, Sabit safely caught the kid — swiftly passing her inside the room.

Photo: Twitter/akakakakakjy

The scene was a total heartstopper. Sabit was one brave man who didn’t hesitate to risk his life for a stranger’s child. Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Emergency Situations gave Shontakbaev Sabit a medal and hailed him as a hero for his heroic deed. Aside from the medal and recognition, the ministry also rewarded him with a badge “For Courage in Emergency Situations.”

Sabit’s bravery is already gaining attention on the internet, and social media users have expressed their appreciation for the quick save Sabit performed on that day. The good and brave Samaritan is also a father to four children, and his protective instinct as a father may have been triggered when he saw the child in a life-or-death situation.

If you haven’t seen the video on your timeline, you can watch the Twitter video below. Modern heroes can be easily recognized and applauded in this era of social media, so make sure to like and spread positive news of heroism on today’s platforms. May this video also remind parents not to leave their children unattended or near potentially dangerous places.

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