Tom Brady Gifts 10-Year-Old Brain Cancer Survivor Tickets To The Super Bowl

Tom Brady is used to seeing fan signs in the crowds at his games, but there was one, in particular, that caught his attention.

At a recent game, he spotted a sign that read: “Tom Brady Helped Me Beat Brain Cancer,” and was being held up by a young boy.

The boy holding the sign happened to be 10-year-old Noah Reeb, who, according to Fox News, credits Brady for helping him beat cancer.

Tom Brady
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

His family shared with the outlet that they would watch Tom Brady highlights during intense chemotherapy and cancer treatments, and it helped Noah take his mind off the pain.

They had no way of personally thanking Brady, so Noah created the sign to show him how much help he’d been. Brady ended up finding Noah after the game and offered him his hat. Other players also gifted the boy some items, like gloves.

It was an unforgettable moment for Noah, but it didn’t stop there.

As the NFL shared on Twitter, Tom Brady later pulled some strings to get enough Super Bowl tickets for Noah and his whole family to attend!

Photo: Twitter/NFL

In a video call, Brady announced the surprise and Noah couldn’t believe it. He was shocked and full of gratitude for the gift.

Watch his reaction in the video below:

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