Her Voice Could Win Over Any Judge, And Now It Has! Beautiful!

Quick, think of a star female singer. Whatever one pops into your mind first. She’s pretty, isn’t she?

It’s fairly rare for someone who doesn’t meet society’s standards for beauty to become a star. And that means we’ve probably missed out on some of the greatest talent of our time.

Toni Warne always had this problem: not that she was a poor singer, but that if people watched her, all they would see was her hair. Or rather, her lack of hair.

Growing up struggling with alopecia areata, Toni struggled with her looks and the way others reacted to them. But she never let this never stop her from singing in cabarets, lounges, clubs and open mic nights. Her dream was to sing, and she was going to do whatever it took.

Despite her drive to succeed as a singer, there were always obstacles in Toni’s way. That is, until she tried out for The Voice UK. That’s when she received her big break, because nobody could look at her while she sang, not even the judges.

You need to hear this girl sing. Check out the video below and then share this young woman’s amazing story on Facebook!

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