Top 5 Stories of Hope For Valentine’s Day

Over the last few weeks, we’ve asked our readers to share with us their unique stories for Valentine’s Day. We were looking for heartfelt, hopeful stories about survivors you’ve admired or specific people in your support network who have helped you through difficult times. Here are our top five submissions!

Our Mother’s Fight

All her life she had to fight, she had to fight to put food on the table for her three boys who she raised alone. She had to fight to get them up 5 a.m. to get them ready for school and get herself to work. She did this for 30 years and never complained about the fight. Then last year she found out that she would be in a fight for her life.

At the ripe age of 62 this strong, hard working, retired worker found out that her battle had just begun. She found out that she had Triple Negative Breast Cancer(TNBC); a rare form of breast cancer that has little to no hormone receptors attached to the cell, and that it would be a battle.

She’s a fighter her doctors say. She is going through 66 treatments of radiation, three different rounds of chemotherapy, three blood transfusions, and she still has the energy to make sure her sons are okay. She refuses to let the devil have a day in our house and refuses to lose this fight. She might not be called a survivor yet but she’s definitely a FIGHTER in this battle. Story to continue as a survivor to come…

Submitted by:
Justin Carter
Woodland Hills, California

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