The Tortilla Challenge On TikTok Recently Became The Latest Big Thing On The Internet

When we think of TikTok challenges, it usually involves some sort of prank or a dance. 2022 is when songs started to be deemed popular only once they are used as a type of challenge in the trendy app.

But a really hilarious challenge that doesn’t involve any kind of dancing is taking the app by storm.

Yup, it’s the Tortilla Challenge, everybody! This viral challenge even has celebrities participating in the trend.

The #tortillachallenge tag is littered with all kinds of variations of the challenge. The original challenge is quite simple. Get some tortillas and water, find a willing partner, and play rock, paper, scissors. Whoever loses the RPS game gets slapped with a tortilla. The game doesn’t stop with the slap though; I’ve mentioned that water is involved in this challenge, and here lies the true challenge. Here’s a neat little compilation I found of the challenge.

Before starting the tortilla challenge, each participant is required to have a mouthful of water. Whoever spits out the water loses the challenge. So, in the end, it’s basically a fun new twist to a try-not-to-laugh challenge.

All is fun and games in these challenges, and the chances of getting hurt while doing the Tortilla Challenge is slim, but it’s never zero. When you browse the tortilla challenge tag, a warning before viewing a video can sometimes be seen that reads, “Participating in this activity could result in you or others getting hurt.”

When done appropriately, this challenge is fun for everyone. The goal is to make someone laugh, so I don’t think slapping someone so hard that it hurts is required (or even helpful) to win. But, hey, check out this tortilla challenge gone wrong for a sample of doing things a little too far, especially if you’re going against an elderly person.

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