Her Husband Left Her After Her Stage IV Diagnosis. Four Years Later, Her Life Is Incredible!

Hearing you have cancer for the first time can be traumatizing. Hearing that it’s stage IV right out of the gate can be downright terrifying.

That’s what happened to Trina Isaac-Taylor. When she was diagnosed with colon cancer, she was informed it had already spread to other parts of her body. However, she didn’t let a terminal diagnosis keep her from fighting.

“I don’t live my life like I’m gonna die. I live my life like I’m going to live,” she says.


Though she’s been resistant to several of the treatments she’s had, she’s been living with the disease for over four years. And not just living — thriving. Which isn’t to say it hasn’t been a difficult and complicated journey. Her relationship with her husband ended after her diagnosis.

“Rock bottom for me was, of course, getting sick. And then during my healing period is when my marriage fell apart. It’s a very difficult thing to feel unwanted fighting for your life.”


But Trina decided to “choose happiness,” as she says in the video below. She focused on her relationship with her son and getting healthy. Then during one stay in the hospital, Trina posted a picture on Facebook that changed the course of her life.

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A woman in the fashion world reached out to Trina and asked if she would walk in a couple of her fashion shows, and not just any shows; she wanted her to walk the runway in New York and Paris! Trina immediately said yes, and hasn’t looked back.


“Every time I put my foot on a runway, I know that I am empowering other women who are going through what I’m going through. Here I am bald, with stage IV metastatic cancer, but here I am on a runway.”

Watch the video to learn more about Trina!

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