Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Day

March 3, 2015, is Triple-negative Breast Cancer Day. On this day, there are events held all over the country to raise money and awareness about this particular form of the disease. Here are a few things you should know about it:

What is TNBC?
Most kinds of breast cancer occur in the estrogen receptors, human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 or progesterone receptors. People with TNBC, however, have a disease that is negative to all of these receptors. This is one of the most aggressive forms of breast cancer and is more likely to come back than other variations, but it is often treated with chemotherapy. 

The TNBC Foundation
The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation was founded in 2007, after a group of friends lost their 37-year-old pal Nancy Block-Zenna to the disease just 2.5 years after she was diagnosed. When Block-Zenna began her cancer journey, the insurance company would not pay for chemotherapy to treat the TNBC. Block-Zenna​'s friends gathered and started the "Peace, Love and a Cure" campaign, selling beach towels with a peace sign, pink ribbon and a heart to raise money to help her pay for the treatment. The insurance company eventually paid for all the chemotherapy and the $9,000 that was made selling the towels became the beginning of the TNBC Foundation.

Today, the organization helps fund research to further treatment and look for a cure for the disease, as well as raises awareness about this particular kind of breast cancer. The foundation holds events to gain donations towards research for TNBC as well as to spread the word about it. It also hosts forums where survivors and caregivers can learn information about the disease and clinical trials that they may want to consider taking part in. 

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