Triple Negative Receptor

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Triple Negative Receptor

Hi I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in Feb.2008, I had my lumpectomy in Feb.2008 after that was when I learned the news that it was Triple Neg and a very ugly cancer and I would have to endure four rounds of chemo and after that thirty five radiation treatments I finished with all on my birthday July 23rd,I turned 39 …

I have many problems now pain in my back, pain in my right side, tmj on the right side, problems with my spine, pain in my right hip, but thank GOD so far I have had no cancer recurrence but it is very scary to me because of the triple neg. diagnosis I wonder with every pain I have if it is back and am I going to live to see my kids graduate highschool, I pray that they will find a cure for this and that no other person has to go through what I and many others have gone through…

Angie Watkins
Corbin, KY

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