This Scarf Tutorial Shows You How To Wrap A Scarf Easily!

One of the most dreaded side effects of chemo can be hair loss. Nalie Augustin knows firsthand about hair loss, and during her first battle with chemo, she was able to find ways step out in a style that made her feel good.

Nalie is currently fighting breast cancer for the second time. She was initially diagnosed with stage II cancer in 2013, and was cancer-free a year later. However, by early 2017, she discovered her cancer had come back — this time in her lungs. She was devastated, and rightfully so, but quickly went back to inspiring thousands with her optimism and charm. Check out her pre-reconstruction photoshoot here and watch her hair grow back over several months here!

During her chemo treatments during her first battle with cancer, Nalie opted out of wearing wigs and chose instead to rock the bald look (the woman looks absolutely stunning with a bald head!) She also wore turbans sometimes to protect the skin on her scalp from heat and cold.

“I decided not to wear wigs throughout my cancer,” she says in the video. Though she was offered advice and even some free wigs, she declined. “I don’t know, it’s… not me. I’d rather walk around bald than have something fake.”

Every survivor has to decide what’s best for her, whether that’s finding a wig that suits you, wearing scarves or hats, or simply stepping out with nothing on your head at all!

If you’re interested in experimenting with turbans, though, you’ve come to the right place.

Take a look as she shares a couple of her favorite styles.

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