And You Thought You Were Having A Bad Day!

There are bad days at work and then there are days like this one. This poor delivery driver was just trying to make his delivery to a Minneapolis hospital. Apparently, a wild turkey decided to exact his revenge on him – presumably for all of his cousins who didn’t make it past Thanksgiving.

turkey chase1

The driver managed to keep the angry bird at bay by using his jacket to parry the bird’s lunges, much to the amusement of the hospital staff safely tucked away in the hospital lunch room.

turkey chase2

When it seemed like this merry-go-round wouldn’t end, along comes a guy who has “the Right Stuff.” He’s not taking any guff from this bird and chases it away and it goes merrily on its way across the street towards the woods. I imagine this will be a story that passes into legend around the delivery stock room!

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