Twin Boys’ 2nd Birthday Turns To Tragedy As Mom Finds Out She Has Stage IV Breast Cancer

Eilish Jennings had one young daughter and was pregnant with twin boys when she first received the news that she had breast cancer in March of 2016.

The young mother and teaching assistant, from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, moved on with life and had a successful double mastectomy after the birth of her twins. Her reconstructive surgery left her with some health issues, but for the most part, things were looking up.

Photo: Facebook/Eilish Jennings
Photo: Facebook/Eilish Jennings

However, the situation would soon take a turn for the worse. On the day of her twins’ second birthday, March 21, 2018, she was given the terrible news that her cancer had metastasized. At just 26 years old, she faced a terminal diagnosis.

Jennings’s partner, Simon Hobson, says, “We found out it was cancer on the twins second birthday—we had got the cake in the car, the balloons were all over the house. It was awful.”

Now, 4-year-old Elise and 2-year-old Billy and Tom may only have a short time left with their mom. But she’s not going to give up fighting just yet.

Photo: Facebook/Eilish Jennings
Photo: Facebook/Eilish Jennings

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“This treatment could keep cancer at bay; there are patients who continue to live long, good lives. But ultimately I just want more time, time with my beautiful children Elise, Billy and Tom and, of course, Simon. I’m not ready to leave my children without a mother.”

Jennings and Hobson have begun fundraising in the hopes of sending Jennings abroad for a more proactive treatment. Their goal is to raise £300,000, and they were able to raise £26,000 of that in just one day.

Photo: Facebook/Eilish Jennings
Photo: Facebook/Eilish Jennings

“The response has been amazing,” Hobson says. “We can’t thank people enough.”

Until Jennings is able to travel for treatment, she’s maintaining her condition with chemotherapy and hoping to get involved in clinical trials.

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