Twins Share Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Now Body Tissue

Many people believe twins share a special bond. This is the sentiment felt by sisters Kelly McCarthy and Kristen Maurer. When McCarthy was diagnosed with breast cancer, Maurer also got tested, revealing she had the disease as well, according to CBS News.

In December 2011, McCarthy was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer, which is difficult to treat. She underwent chemotherapy, radiation and a right-breast mastectomy. When her sister Maurer was diagnosed, the cancer was in an early stage, but she still had a double mastectomy because of the aggressive rate at which her sister’s cancer grew.

According to the source, due to McCarthy having not enough extra tissue to perform reconstructive breast surgery, the tissue was obtained from her sister.

In reflection of the procedure McCarthy told the source, “I feel closer. Her tissue is over my heart.”

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Breast reconstruction surgery is performed by a plastic surgeon. According to the American Cancer Society, most women who undergo mastectomies can have this procedure completed. The organization also recommends you weigh all your options and speak to your health care team before you make a decision on whether or not this surgery is for you.

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