UK-Based Breast Cancer Choir Group Raising Money For 3 Charities

A group of breast cancer survivors have found support in each other and through music. They are part of the Kindred Spirits choir group in the United Kingdom, according to Get Hampshire. The 30 women involved all have been diagnosed with breast cancer and are in various stages of their treatment. In March, they will showcase their singing skills at the Odd Fellows' charity concert, while raising money for three worthy organizations.

The singing group was started by breast cancer survivor Linda Bellow. During her own breast cancer journey, she used music to cheer herself up, and would often dance and sing along with tunes.

"I was feeling a bit poorly so I put on an old Beatles CD quite loud and I started dancing around the kitchen and singing," Bellow told the source. "It felt so good."

After learning there were no choir groups for breast cancer survivors in her area, she started her own. Now Kindred Spirits has grown to include women who were diagnosed 20 years ago while some are still undergoing treatment.

Frimley Park Hospital's Breast Care Appeal is one of several charities that will benefit from the choir's fundraising efforts. The other two organizations help peolple in the armed forces and those with disabilites. 

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