UK-Based Organization is a Strong ‘Force’ Against Breast Cancer

Breakthrough Breast Cancer is an organization that is doing more than just fundraising to combat the disease. They call themselves “a force,” as they are actively working toward a single goal, which is trying to lower the death rate of breast cancer in the United Kingdom.

According the the organization’s website, they fund 25 percent of the breast cancer research in the U.K. Additionally, they continuously campaign to educate women on how to recognize the signs and symptoms associated with breast cancer. One of the most recent projects is challenging women to get fit and healthy.

“We know that being physically active can reduce your risk of developing breast cancer,” James Jopling, director at Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s Scotland branch, wrote in The Scotsman. “Yet a survey we conducted last year revealed that an alarming 27 percent of Scottish women believe there is nothing they can do to reduce that risk.”

In 2013, Breakthrough Breast Cancer participated in a fundraising event that challenged five swimmers to cross the English Channel, a feat they accomplished in 12 hours. Learn more about the organization on their website and check out their latest campaign called 10 Steps to Save More Lives.

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