Unique Fundraising Ideas

Are you looking for a way to raise money for a breast cancer charity? Most research foundations and awareness-raising organizations can use all the financial help they can get. Bake sales can get boring, and not everyone wants to participate in a 5K run. Instead, try some of these unique fundraising ideas to spread the word and raise money for your favorite breast cancer charity:

Goldfish race
Looking to get families interested in your cause? Host a goldfish race! Have people pay to enter and choose the fish they think will win. For the racetrack, glue endcaps to 5- or 10-foot rain gutters so that the water won't run out and place them side by side. Start the race by placing a goldfish at one end of each gutter. Whoever makes it to the other side first wins! Let the fastest fish go home with the person who claimed it for some extra fun and incentive to get involved and donate the money generated by the entry fees to your choice of breast cancer charity.

Food contest
Everybody likes to eat. Pick a dish that is popular in your area, like chili or barbecue, and have your community form teams. Charge an entrance fee for each group and for spectators to enjoy the food. Let well-known, respected people like the mayor be the judge, or have the audience decide their favorite recipe. Everyone will leave full and happy that they could help a good cause.

Game day
Host a board-game day for area families or kids. Tell everyone to bring a game to play and charge a few dollars admission. Bring snacks like popcorn and juice to keep the players going. Set a time limit for each game and have the players switch when the time is up. You can even make it a competition and crown first, second and third place winners for whomever gets the most total wins or points that day.

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