Short on Inspiration? These Two Fighters Have Got Your Back

What makes you unstoppable?

Miriam Trejo, breast cancer fighter, and Jocelyn Jones-Lybarger, Mixed Martial Arts fighter, are very different people. They have a lot of differences, but despite those, they are very similar in a lot of important ways too. One of those similarities is that they are both impacted by breast cancer. But armed with hope, faith, and support, they’re a powerful force.

The video below demonstrates several ways in which fighting for your life and your health when you have breast cancer is similar to fighting as a sport. It takes all you have sometimes, and it’s super easy to think you should just give up, but you have to recognize how strong you are and keep fighting. Because you’re worth it!

These women are a wealth of inspirational words to keep you going when you’re feeling down.

Check out this inspirational video that’s sure to pull at your heartstrings and give you renewed motivation to never give up in your fight against breast cancer!

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