US Healthcare Supply Continues to Support Breast Cancer Research

U.S. Healthcare Supply makes diabetic testing supplies and will deliver them to clients, but the company also supports other health-related causes. According to, U.S. Healthcare Supply is an avid supporter of breast cancer research. Jon Letko, owner and CEO of the company, which is based in Milford, New Jersey, lost his mother to breast cancer at a young age. The trying experience has led him and his brothers to pursue a cure. He brings his passion for beating breast cancer to his company and motivates others to support the cause.

Letko and his brothers have created community events, such as raffles, to raise money for breast cancer research. U.S. Healthcare Supply also has incentives to get employees to donate money. In fact, whenever U.S. Healthcare Supply hosts a fundraiser, the company matches any donations people make. So if a raffle brings in $1,000, the company donates the same amount to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

As of 2011, Letko's efforts have brought in $9,500, which he then donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This nonprofit organization researches breast cancer, looking for a cure. The group also tries to raise awareness about the disease. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation encourages supporters to host fundraising events, a call to action Letko and his company gladly accommodate. 

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