Before He Died, This Man Ordered Valentine’s Day Flowers for His Wife — Every Year For the Rest of Her Life

In February 2014, Jim Golay was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. With knowing this fact, Jim knew that he was not able to be with his wife at every Valentine’s Day event. Before he passed away, he wanted to make sure his wife knew how much he loved her and how much he meant to her, so he ordered a special delivery from his local flower shop. Or rather, deliveries.

On Valentine’s Day 2015, was the first Valentine’s Day Shelly, Jim’s wife, spent without him. On this day, she received a surprise, the first of the bouquets that will be arriving at her doorstep on every Valentine’s Day for the rest of her life.

See Shelly’s surprise and learn more about this everlasting Valentine’s Day plan in the video!

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