7 Unusual Valentine’s Day Traditions from Around the World

Valentine’s Day may have begun in the west, but it’s now celebrated in nearly every nation in the world. But it seems cupid’s arrow never strikes the same way. Each culture has their own customs and traditions, some of which might surprise you!

Take a look at these unique Valentine’s Day traditions from around the world, and consider adopting a few yourself!

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In Japan, women give chocolates to nearly all the men in their lives on Valentine’s Day — but men don’t return the favor until a month later! On March 14th, a holiday known as White Day, men present gifts to their admirers that are 2 or 3 times more valuable than a simple box of chocolates.




Women are also the primary gift givers in Korea, but even the single folks get to celebrate the day of love. On April 14, those who didn’t get any Valentine’s Day gifts meet at restaurants, eat black noodles and “celebrate” the single life.

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