Vermont Cancer Center Creates 12-Week Fitness Program

Cancer survivors at the Vermont Cancer Center are being treated to a special fitness program. According to WCAX-TV, more than 200 people have been part of the project, including Leisa Halligan who was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2013. Participants take part in a 12-week program that offers workout classes and nutrition advice.

The program was started three years ago by the Vermont Cancer Center at Fletcher Allen Health Care (FAHC) hospital and the University of Vermont's College of Medicine. Participants are monitored and their information is reviewed to measure their improvement.

"We now have well over 200 individuals that are part of the database." Dr. Kim Dittus, of FAHC, told the source. "It is hard to say anything about specific cancers, but in general we know that individuals compared to when they started the program have an increase in their strength we are always surprised how weak individuals with cancer are when they start the program – particularly breast cancer survivors."

Halligan has lost 15 pounds through the program, which introduced a diet and exercise change to her lifestyle. According to the source, the breast cancer survivor said that the program also motivated her to live healthier in general.

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