Tattoo Artist Helps Breast Cancer Survivors Look and Feel “Normal” Again

You’ve heard about women getting artistic tattoos of whatever makes them happy over their mastectomy scars, but have you heard of anyone getting a tattoo that looks like a nipple?

While it’s cathartic for some people to make art out of their pain, others just want to feel normal again. And there’s nothing wrong with that. So instead of getting a traditional tattoo involving flowers or birds or pink ribbons, they get a tattoo of something they’ve had on their bodies for a long time but recently lost—nipples.

Getting the chance to choose the size, color, and location of the new nipples helps cancer survivors feel good about the way their breasts look, and the tattoos are so life-like that you almost can’t tell the difference between a real one and a tattooed one without touching it!

For years, Vinnie Myers has been a critical part of the post-mastectomy healing process for women all around the world. His nipple tattoos help many become comfortable with their body once again.

But did you know he thought about giving it up at one point?

Watch this inspiring video about Vinnie and his important work, and how one phone call confirmed his dedication to creating nipple tattoos for breast cancer survivors.

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