Waiting Room Worry: The Different Perspectives Of Husband And Wife

The following is an insight into all of our minds while sitting in a waiting room.

Wife: (Standing in line.)  “I need to check-in and do this appointment.  I hope it’s nothing serious.  It really should be okay.  Even if it is something, I’ll be okay.  We will all be a-okay!

(Sitting in a sterile waiting room with her husband.)  “Oh no!  Did I put enough food in Tucker’s lunch box?  That kid can and will eat us out of house and home.  He needs new pants too.  I swear he grew two sizes overnight.  Those jeans he had on this morning are high waters.  And his shoes are worn out.  God, I can’t leave my husband and son.


“Man, what’s taking so long?  (As she looks at her watch.)  I’ve been sitting here for at least fifteen mi . . . Oh look at that yummy dish!  What was this magazine?  I need to make a personal note; this would make a fantastic dinner for us tomorrow.

“This is crazy!  I dislike waiting.  I need to know the results, like yesterday.  Look at Sam sitting there next to me.  There’s not a worry line on him.  Augh!  It’s not cancer.   It’s not cancer.  It’s NOT CANCER!

Husband: (Standing in line.)  “ ‘It’s OK, I don’t mind waiting in line with you.’  We always get into the appointment late.  We could have shown up ten minutes from now and have still been right on time.  I hope there’s good news.

(Sitting in a sterile waiting room with his wife.)  “Smile at her and flirt a little.  Hold her hand while awkwardly trying to hold the two-month-old magazine and turn the page at the same time.  Be her rock.  Appear calm and collected.  It will all be OK.

“Tucker doesn’t even know we had this appointment today.  He’s such a good kid.

“She has enough to worry about.  I don’t need to pile on my own concerns.  How would I be able to raise our kids without her?  Give her that reassuring “We got this” smile.  Augh!  It’s not cancer.   It’s not cancer.  It’s NOT CANCER!

Life throws all of us a curve ball every now and then.  As you can see, we each react differently.  The wife has more than one thought going on and is more than likely the type of person that has ten tabs opened on the internet.  She is the one that feels she needs to be strong for everyone, take care of everyone, yet has a desire to be taken care of too.  The husband is the guy who feels he needs to be the rock, the one to carry the burden of the family on his shoulders.  Anything for the love of his life.  Anything to make the extra worry go away.  Anything!

In the end, what matters is how the person reacts to the situation.  Many times, there is no sense in worrying until you know for certain what you are dealing with.  However, we know that is harder said than done.

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