Research Finds Positive Correlation Between Warmer Climate And Breast Cancer

In an article published in the Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network or JNCCN, researchers explore the influence of environmental temperature on breast cancer.

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The background of their research stated that animal models show that cold stress increases cancer tumor growth by the release of norepinephrine, a chemical produced by the nervous system in response to stress. This norepinephrine release causes an alteration in the tumor microenvironment, the ecosystem that surrounds the tumor, which includes a patient’s immune cells. The microenvironment and its tumor are known to be constantly interacting and influencing each other, whether positively or negatively.

The tumor-bearing mice that were used in their research were exposed to different environmental temperatures. Two groups of mice were observed, one at the standard temperature of 22° Celcius and the other group housed at 30° Celcius. Of the two groups, the incidence of cancer has been shown to be higher in the colder group.

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With the data from the research background, the authors then proceeded with a population-based analysis, which was done using a cancer database from 2004 to 2018 and average annual temperature data from the National Centers for Environmental Information. The analysis resulted in the conclusion that higher environmental temperatures are associated with improved rates of pathologic complete response, or the lack of signs of cancer in tissue samples removed during surgery or other treatments, among patients with stage I-III breast cancer.

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“Higher environmental temperatures are associated with significant improvements in pCR, as well as OS in stage I-III…Further research focusing on underlying mechanisms and therapeutic strategies to abrogate this outcome disparity is warranted,” the authors wrote in the mentioned article.

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