Her Battle with Breast Cancer Ended in Tragedy, But It Prompted Her Sister to Help Others

A group of cancer survivors have found community in kayaking through a program called Waters of Hope. The founder of the project, Angela Scott, created the group after her sister, Natalie, passed away after a heroic battle against breast cancer.

“She wanted to live right ’till the last minute,” says Angela. “And that’s what I want to encourage people to do that were not promised a tomorrow.”

Waters of Hope aims to help survivors heal while paying tribute to a sister’s positive attitude and fighting spirit. The organization offers free kayak rides to people fighting breast cancer and those who have beaten the disease. It helps them get outside and live a healthy lifestyle while they make friends with other people who have been through similar ordeals.

The goal is to offer each woman some hope that there’s a life beyond breast cancer and that it’s one worth living. Because sometimes, as Angela says, hope is the only thing that keeps us afloat.

Learn more about Waters of Hope and hear from some of the women who participate!

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