Weight gain can increase a woman’s chances of breast cancer

Many women work to lose weight to look svelte in the summer, or for special events like weddings and family gatherings. However, those who need a little extra motivation to lose weight may be interested to hear that slimmer women may also have a lower risk of breast cancer.

According to a study presented at the American Association of Cancer Research, women who steadily gain weight over time – at the rate of approximately a pound a year – may have a much higher risk of breast cancer, according to USNews.com.

The website reports that women over the age of 20 who gain a pound or more each year are twice as likely to develop pre-menopausal breast cancer as those who maintain the same weight over the years.

Experts suggested to the news source that women who are having difficulty staying at a healthy weight could make an earnest effort to cut back their caloric intake, work out, lift weights and chose a birth control that doesn’t cause them to pile on the pounds.

The American Cancer Society recommends that women over the age of 40 begin to schedule annual mammograms to increase their chances of early detection.

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