Wendy the Warrior

Twenty years ago my grandma found out she had breast cancer.

She kept strong and happy, and continued to have a wonderful life with her husband, sons, and grandchildren. Nine years later, the cancer began to spread, slowly attacking her whole body and becoming terminal.

She is the strongest person I have ever known, and she’s still fighting to this day. She never shows her pain; always keeps up her sense of humour; and always manages to tell my dad off when he is being a “bad lad.”

She’s my true inspiration. I’ve never known a stronger woman.

In the photo she’s holding me as a toddler. Now I’m a teenage menace but we still feel the same way we did back then: young, happy, and free. I’m proud to have her in my life.

She is the best role model in the world; she is my grandma, Wendy the Warrior.

Worsborough, United Kingdom

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