Is This the Right Doctor for Me? Questions to Ask Your Oncologist

Cancer is a complicated disease, and most people don’t know much about it until they either develop it themselves or someone in their close family or friends group does.

For most of us, the opportunity and motivation to learn everything we need to know about cancer don’t come until the disease is actually knocking on our door. Therefore, finding a professional team that you can really trust is important in order for you to feel confident and safe during your treatment. You need to know you’re going to be in good hands.

Asking your oncologist questions is how you will better understand your treatment plan and the outcome, as well as how you can determine if your current oncology team is the right fit for your individual needs. But what questions should you ask?

In this video, Dr. Jiaxin Niu gives some advice on what to ask if you are a newly diagnosed breast cancer patient.

Learn more in the video below.

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