When a lump isn’t just a lump

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It was spring of 2010 when I felt a fairly large lump just beneath my left shoulder blade. I waited until November, for my yearly mammogram which confirmed a large mass, and had a biopsy the next day. Confirming it was Cancer, and surgery was scheduled for two weeks later. The diagnosis was Stage 3C Invasive Duct Carcinoma with Lymph Node involvement. When I heard it was stage 3C, I honestly thought, I waited too long and now, I’m going to die. I’m a single mother of a high school senior, and I am not going to live to see him graduate. Thank God, I was wrong.
There were 3 surgeries, chemo once a week for 6 months, and radiation five days a week for 3 months. With all the ups and downs that treatment brings. November 4th, 2011 will mark one year since my diagnosis. Cancer isn’t kind, or fair, fun or easy, but it is survivable! If your very fortunate, to have the kind of family, friends, and the support of complete strangers, as I have, it can actually be a life lesson. I have learned that believing in your own power is key, faith in God makes it all bearable, and medical treatments have come a long way.
So, please, love yourself enough, to get your yearly mammograms. Become aware of your inner voice that whispers softly, “Something just isn’t right”, and remember, if you are diagnosed, it doesn’t mean it’s a death sentence. You will never be exactly the same as you were before cancer, but if you’re really lucky, you will become someone stronger, and wiser than before. God Bless each and every one who is touched by Breast Cancer.

Gina Morfino
Utica, MI

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