White Paper Links Personalized Support to Breast Cancer Patients’ Future Health

A new white paper has been published that explores how those affected by breast cancer keep up with their medicine. The report comes from Atlantis Healthcare and says women who have personalized support have better results because they tend to adhere to their medicine schedule more often than those who don't.

The paper cites a study conducted by the University of Glasgow. In that document, research shows that if more women take the breast cancer hormone therapy drug Tamoxifen, up to 434 deaths could be prevented each year.

"Research indicates as many as 41 percent of women choose to discontinue their breast cancer treatment," John Weinman, professor of psychology at King's College in London, said in a statement. "While this may seem surprising, it's important to consider why they make this decision."

Researchers say that a variety of factors contribute to non-adherence, including the quality of health care, medicine side effects and patients' personal beliefs.

Another study conducted by scientists at the University of California and funded by the Breast Cancer Research Foundation reviewed 1,000 women who have taken hormone therapy treatments. It was concluded that these women need different levels of support, and if they do receive that special guidance it can have an impact on adherence. 

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