Why It’s Actually A Miracle That We Don’t ALL Have Cancer

Your body is made up of millions of billions of cells, all living and dying and being replaced, even as you are reading this post. As cells are replaced, there’s always a chance that cells could replicate incorrectly, which can result in cancer.

How, you ask? Well, each reproducing cell has to recreate a sequence of 3 billion nucleotides just to make one more cell, a copy of itself. And each time a cell goes through that process, it makes about 120,000 mistakes. It’s not a lot of mistakes in the grand scheme of things, but it only takes one especially grievous mistake for it to all go wrong.

Many of the mistakes cells make when dividing are harmless or even beneficial. Some are harmful but not noticeably so. And then there are some that cause cancer. These gene mutations have characteristics that cause cells to stimulate their own growth, get their own blood supply from the body, ignore messages to stop growing, and more.

Given the millions of billions of cells that get replaced through the course of your life, it seems incredible that we don’t all fall prey to cellular mistakes that cause cancer. How does it happen, and what can we do to prevent it?

This informative gives an in-depth look at cancer and the science being used to fight back against it!

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