Why You Can’t Replace a Medical Wig with a Fashion Wig

For some breast cancer patients, losing their hair is a side effect of treatment. It happens to many of us, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. However, while some women embrace shaving their head as a sign of control over the cancer, losing their hair can be a traumatic experience for other women. It can represent a loss of femininity and a feeling of vulnerability and failure as a woman.

For those wishing to have the look and feel of their hair back, there are many choices of wigs out there to choose from that can give you your natural look or a completely different one.

Photo: Adobe Stock/Lars Zahner
Photo: Adobe Stock/Lars Zahner

However, there are significant differences between wigs used for fashion purposes versus medical reasons. If you’re looking for a medical wig to help you look like yourself after cancer treatment, there are some important factors to keep in mind so that you don’t end up among the crowd that buys a wig but never wears it because it’s so uncomfortable or just “not you.” Don’t spend money on something you’ll never wear.

Not to worry, though; there are ways to find the perfect wig that you’ll love wearing. This video explains the differences between the two major types of wigs—fashion and medical.

Learn more in the video below. Then let us know what kind of wig you got and how you like it!

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