Winna’s Story…

I was thirty-eight years old when I was diagnosed. I had what felt like a small cyst that moved around on my left breast, and after losing two friends to breast cancer, I took it very seriously. I had a regular mammogram. The results that came back were strange. The doctors wanted a closer look at my right breast, where you couldn’t feel any lumps or bumps.
The next step was a diagnostic mammogram with ultrasound. There were calcium deposits, and they wanted to see if anything was hiding behind them. Sure enough, there were four small tumors! The doctors said that only the right breast needed to go, but my family and I decided on a double mastectomy right away. Waiting for the test results was just awful. I’m so grateful to my circle of family and friends. Going through this scary situation certainly shows with clarity what is truly important in life.
Thankfully the pathology came back in my favor. The surgeon got all of the cancer with clear margins, and the cancer wasn’t in my lymph nodes. I feel like my mission in life now is to shout from the mountaintops that early detection does save lives! Don’t wait, don’t hesitate. Get your yearly mammogram, even if you don’t feel any lumps. It can and will save your life!!

Winna Morrin, from Palm Harbor, FL

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