Wisconsin Breast Cancer Survivor Receives New Form of Preventative Surgery

A breast cancer survivor from from Greenleaf, Wis., recently underwent a new form of preventative surgery, according to Green Bay ABC affiliate WBAY. Michelle Laeyendecker had a procedure called a single-site hysterectomy. While this surgical process is touted as being less invasive, it also can decrease the chance of the cancer returning.

The surgery involves a small incision in the navel of the patient. This is a change from the longer cut usually involved in preventative breast cancer surgery, according to the source. The procedure also has a shorter recovery time. Dr. Herb Coussons of Women's Specialty Care performed the surgery and is the only physician doing so in Northeast Wisconsin.

"One incision is less than four, and so people's pain is less, their recovery is faster, they get back to doing things quickly," Coussons told the source.

Women's Specialty Care was founded in 2002 as an independent institution serving the needs of women. It also takes part in speaking, teaching and writing engagements. 

Robotic-assisted surgery was first approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2000 and since then hundreds of thousands of surgeries have been completed using the technology. The single-site technique used by Coussons was introduced in 2011.

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